Affilorama Review 2015 : Does it really Work ?

A beginner at business, have a lot of things piled up but don’t know where to start from. It is often the case at the start up level where the freshmen don’t exactly have any clear notion of how to introduce their product and project its highlights.

Marketing today has turned into an obligatory context. It is something that a company must hold on to. The world today has turned online, why should you lag behind? In order to fly high with an easy access to your targeted audience, it is mandatory to have a complete knowledge of your forte.

Affiliate Marketing And Affilorama

Affiliate marketing can be defined as one of the most popular methods to generate money out of online advertising and marketing of a product, may it be your own or for any other company. It works on the basis of commission payment on every sale that we deliver. It basically is a way of earning extra cash online. People who pursue it professionally are often called affiliate marketers or affiliate representatives.

A number of things are to be considered while working in the affiliate marketing environment and Affilorama just does that well. These may include the following:

  • affilo-premiumFinding products to promote
  • Building website
  • Marketing research
  • SEO so as to get respectable ranking in search engines
  • Promoting products in a creative and innovative way
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Content creation
  • Earning via ads on website

Affilorama, a guide to your affiliate marketing strategies is basically a membership website where one is offered help and training lessons for taking the website to newer levels. For anyone who wants to set up a new website for an extra income but doesn’t know a thing about it must go for this Guide. The site hasn’t just restricted itself to one’s own business but you can promote other people’s product and check out money for yourself, this guide is a one door stop destination that you must go for.

Are You a Newbie To Online Business

‘Online’ defines the new you. Let Affilorama guide you through the ways of surviving in the online world. You start up a new business, look out for its promotional tricks, sales strategies, content creation, and search engine optimization techniques etc. and still can’t figure out what and how exactly to do everything. No worries! Here is a one stop solution to all. Not only will this guide make you thorough with all the things that one needs to be updated with, it also helps you make money online. Make your online journey an enjoyable experience with it.


affiloblueprint_reviewLaunched in 2006 has proved itself a long run partner for its members. It trains you under effective affiliate marketing. Statistically it has been quoted that since 2006, more than 2, 50,000 people have signed up for this website and rejoicing their decision of doing so. The Guide makes it a point that the new affiliate marketers don’t get any hurdles and issues while doing their job and hence provide them with step by step training, blog posts & forums etc, which fruitfully help them to excel in their field.

The step by step training lets the user enhance his abilities in all perspectives. The beginner is given sufficient time to understand and develop each skill with the help of the videos and PDF notes. Apart from going through each step thoroughly, the guide offers you an opportunity to share your experience, queries, difficulties etc. at the forum as well. Various members have registered in the forum and welcomed productive discussions. Above all, there are monetary attractions.

Free Account

Affilorama being a membership site offers a free account on their website to avail their learning and teaching guides where they offer various services. These may include the affiliate marketing quick start guide, various videos to help you with your start up and a perfect road-map to success.

There are a number of perks being offered with the guide. Its registration being free is the first and foremost reason for why one must go for it. Other than that, they have a variety of products for sale which goes analogous with the fact that one will have the chance to earn multiple commissions on each person you recommend this site to. The user on his part is required to send traffic to their website and the selling part would be handled by them.

affilorama free account

Guide keeps with itself well- stocked resources which may include various materials such as banners, sales letters etc. required for promotions. Other than that, the website claims that the customers being their priority, they are dedicated enough to deliver if anything extra is needed. Guide provides an excellent support team in case of any queries.

Well basically there isn’t anything to lose here. A simple trial version worth $1 for Affilorama Premium & Affilotools would be accompanied under the same.

Affilo Blue Print

As the name indicates, here is provided a blue print for how everything will be taken forward. This program basically works as a step by step system which helps you throughout to make money online. Often many people think and plan of things to make money online but all goes in vain when not guided for the right path. Affilo Blueprint is one such tool that’ll help you learn almost everything that you would want to know about it, may it be explanation of affiliate marketing to them or how exactly one can earn cash out of these websites.

affiloblueprintAffilorama provides with weekly videos that demonstrates and teaches the required plan to be brought to action. These video modules would cover all the essential elements that a newbie would want for his website. These weekly topics may include:

  • Market Research Understanding,
  • Website Designing
  • Guide for the required web content
  • Website design
  • Techniques for Search engine optimization
  • Link building
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay per click advertising etc.

Affilo Tools

So, one may wonder for how to raise the ranking of a website. If you’re anyhow connected to the guide, Affilo tools will be like this magical kit which comes equipped with various marketing strategies & helps in raising the ranking, hence the popularity of your website. With this, you’ll have the assurance that you won’t lose your search engine site rankings ever. These tools will be a part of the Affilorama Premium subscription. It comes with more features than you can think.


Features like Link research tool would help listing all the websites that are relevant to yours and can be used for linking purposes. Similarly the Back link Analyzer tool, not only helps to find the back-links of your website but also lets you find the back-links of your immediate competitors as well. This really proves to be a big help & elevates the position in the search engine.

Another feature called Website Health checker lets you keep track of the health & fitness of your site i.e. it’ll automatically search and fix errors that were holding you back from the search engine ranking.

Basically having Affilorama by your side would end up making you more productive. But one thing that comes with the package is that Affilo tool doesn’t come as a one-time investment but you’d have pay for it timely to keep its subscription on. It is suggested that one must go for the $1 investment for the trial version and try himself to find out about the services more.

Trainings And Lessons

There are a number of free lessons and trainings that comes with Affilorama. Access to hundreds of video tutorials and PDF notes are provided from their end. Everything will be given under the same platform.


One can build his own website here with the site building lessons, can promote it using SEO services, which again can be inferred from the website and make it monetarily available via PPC & affiliate marketing. Added to that, some interviews from the experts in this field are also given for reference. One can learn from their experiences & simply get inspired. Here are the following lessons which are provided under the free lessons:

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Market research for affiliate marketers
  • Content creation
  • Site building
  • Marketing ideas
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Outsourcing
  • Guru views

Why To Go For Affilorama

  • AFFILORAMA legitFree to join
  • User friendly
  • Interactive community forums
  • Great source for internet marketers
  • Absolute learning environment
  • Quick and helpful support team
  • Legibility
  • Comparatively a more reliable option than other alternatives.

Final Verdict

To sum up the whole experience, I believe it goes with thumbs up. Mike Ling , the owner of the site turns out as somewhat of an inspiration of how he managed to pull off this project and ended up helping many to make money online. If you are a beginner in the industry, Affilorama comes as a tried and tested product. Most marketing websites can’t hold up for more than a year. So, if the guide has managed to stay all along since 2006, there must be something about it.


Click here to buy Affilorama

Imagine yourself! All you need is a computer, an internet connection with a stable head and you’ll see yourself making a handsome amount of money in no time.

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What’s inside The Affilorama Program?

CMS imageThere has been a considerable amount of individuals keen on being a piece of the expense per activity affiliate marketing sector, throughout recent years there have been endless examples of overcoming adversity inside of the business.

On the off chance that you need to likewise have offshoot achievement, it is vital that you do intensive research and experience legitimate preparing. Continue reading

Bonus and Discounts: Affilorama

affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing is mainly a system for advancing the results of different organizations consequently for a commission on every deal that you produce. Organizations that advance items thusly are called “subsidiaries“.

This marketing strategy is currently a built up promoting part around the world, worth billions of dollars in turnover and is keeping on growing quick. Affilorama was begun in 2006 by a member advertiser and ecommerce advertiser in New Zealander called Mark Ling. Continue reading

My Experience with Affilorama

Here is an honest article sent by one of my friends. Have a look

Name: Emma

Age: 25

Duration of problem: 2 months

Explore the Journey

Emma real user experienceI am Emma, staying with my family in Seattle. I have always interest in affiliate marketing. I already knew about affiliate marketing a little bit, and had read some books on it.

But when I started actively working in affiliate marketing, all I got was a lot of frustration and hopelessness, and I was even beginning to rethink my decision of going with affiliate marketing other than doing something else, anything else. Continue reading